Friday, July 31, 2015

So Far From February

The idea of "catching up" on this blog has been far too daunting... and paralyzed me for far too long! So, with many gaps in the story of our lives, I pick up in July, with a trip to Wisconsin filled with family, friends, food, Lake Michigan, camp... and so many good things. Here are some moments that capture the goodness:



This is getting off the bus on Friday after a week at Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya-- my beloved Y summer camp from ages 8-21.
On the Monday prior, she wrote the following letter:
Mommy, I don't relly like Unie. I just get to home-sick. I did the Poler bear Plunge. Still even writing this letter I'm teary. Sined your sad and lonely dotr kid, Winona
PS. The days are to long and not enough sleeping. :(
We're glad that A) things picked up and she ended up LOVING her time at Unie, and B) that a compassionate counselor held onto that letter and put it in the mail late enough in the week that we didn't receive it until it was time to go get her, anyway! We were relieved to see a big smile and hear lots of fun stories of a great week at camp!


A glorious trip to a beautiful place with incredible people... we loved every minute and savor the memories daily!
We sure missed our Daddy, though, and it's good to be reunited. More on what we've been up to here in Oregon soon--fewer than 6 months, I promise. :)

Sunday, March 1, 2015

February Lovin'...

Eugene decided not to do winter this year. Famous last words, I suppose and the storms may come in tonight... but it's been this kind of a February:

No snow days, so it's a good thing that we're loving our new school! 

One of the best things about it is the annual Rainbow Conference--a day dedicated to learning all sorts of fascinating things about cultures from around the world. 

To complement this fun day, each 1-5th grader does a major winter project on one aspect of their classroom's assigned county. Winona's class had China, and Winona chose to do a report on Chinese Fashion--she was most taken by the horrific tradition of foot binding. 

In her spare time... onto Book 5 of Harry Potter. :)

And, me? Well, I am starting to crack the literacy code...

...and it's wearin' me down

The girls made thumbprint little dudes with "You are Thumb-body special" for all their classmates to celebrate the season...

...and we had a fun celebration ourselves!

With our Valentine's gift from G'ma and G'pa, 
we got something good for our hearts! :)

I am full of vigor in the kitchen. I love love love to help out and really stick with it for long periods of time.  When there are knives involved, I am especially entranced. We have discovered The Food Network and will watch COOKING shows (especially Cupcake Wars, Master Chef Junior and Chopped!) for-eva (and we find that Mom and Dad are less uptight about "screen time" when we're learning how to cook. It's a win-win). 

We topped off our weekend with our annual trip to Yachats, Oregon.  
A perfect blend of gray, overcast, rainy time to...


...stretch our legs a little in the misty air,

 ...color,, and snuggle.

 Then, the gloriousun came out...
 ...and we hit the beach!

Well, some of us did. 

Mama is learning to play the ukelele and if she doesn't move past the same three songs from her camp sing-a-long book, we may have to have an intervention.

 If my camera had a better zoom lens, you'd be seeing a whole (herd? bevy?) of sea lions on these rocks... sunning themselves at low tide this afternoon! We watched them bounce, roll, swim, scoot and nap-- so cute! 

 Thisweet guy istill going strong... at age 14, he hung with us on quite a few walks and much beach romping--sweet, sweet Bodhi!! 

A gloooooooorious weekend to top off February!  

So Far From February

 The idea of "catching up" on this blog has been far too daunting... and paralyzed me for far too long! So, with many gaps in ...